Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rockies 2 – Beaver Mines

Friday 29 April.
Unfortunately we were unable to use our invitation to the Royal Wedding – we were snowed in!
With every good intention of joining the rest of the world in celebrating the happy couple, we ventured out 5 minutes up the road and promptly came back to our warm, cosy cabin. We were defeated by the conditions of the road, the driving snow and my cowardice at driving in such conditions.
The day however was not wasted – marking was done, hot tub used and books read (“Guardian of Being” by Tolle and McDonnell – a wonderfully illustrated contemplation on the value of pets). 
I think this is our car!

View from the hot tub.

View in the hot tub - scary!

Cosy Cabin - a fire and food sets the mood

The weather eventually cleared and we took a stroll through the local area and finished with a warm, welcome coffee at Stella’s Inn.
I think I am stuck in the mud.

Wake me up at closing time.

A lusciously, lazy day in perfect surroundings and company – with apologies to Kate and William.

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