Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here comes the Sun.

Sunrise over Jaycee park

Plenty of energy here - the sun competing with the upgrader.

Spring -  time for a Sonnet?
Has mean winter eased its white frozen grip?
Spring reveals herself upon our senses
Conversations of weather we now skip
Geese aloft, yapping dogs behind fences
Daylight abounds on strolls to labours toil
The clutter of hats, gloves and scarves now lost
Cross walks espied along with lawns and soil
Exposed young knees now brave the morning frost
Thick white icing on roofs no longer sweet
Side walks safe as block heater cables curl
Rubber not fur adorn our boot clad feet
Abridged cool engines preparations whirl
As winter colours fade from white to grey
Springs sweet smoky smells, are you here to stay?

Yes you guessed it, we are studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  (The students' response being "Mr Walker, Mr Walker where for art thou Mr Walker!").
For those of you like me who need copious study guides and the invaluable website “No fear Shakespeare” to understand the bard:

Although spring had an official invitation in March she may have finally arrived - a week of positive day time temperatures.
I notice conversations about the weather have diminished. I think the feeling maybe warmer weather is here at last, let’s get on with it. 

Walking to and from school in warming daylight I have seen and heard Canadian Geese. I now realise there are cats in Lloydminster. Dogs have finally been released to brave the elements and are making up for lost time by barking at anything that moves. I also did not realise that for the past 3 months I was using a cross walk (Zebra Crossing). And I just thought Canadian motorists were polite to pedestrians.

People are venturing outside without toques (hats) and gloves. The deliciously warm fur lined boots are giving way to Wellington boots as people wade their way through puddles and swamps. 

Our planet may be saved from global warming - cars are only being warmed up for 5 minutes before being used. Previously it seemed engines were permanently running during the daytime.  At night the sensible compromise of block heaters were used. However, people parking cars on the street, oblivious to health, safety and litigation implications, ran block heater cables across the side-walk. A Canadian version of the banana peel joke.

Students are coming to school in SHORTS!!!! It is -5 in the mornings. Dread to think what they will be wearing when summer arrives.

Lloydminster has taken on a grey colour as the transition from winter to spring takes hold. (roofs no longer  blanketed in white). We are looking forward to all the beautiful colours of  green lawns and bloom

Other possible  indicators of spring we have noticed include:
The line up at the local car wash,
Quad bikes replacing snow mobiles in the back of trucks (utes).
Christmas decorations disappearing from trees, gardens and front doors.
Recycling collectors on the side of road where the snow has melted.
Cars in town are definitely driving faster.  

However, we have been warned winter conditions can return at any time – usually long weekends in April and May! 

So to make the most of the warmer weather  we had our first BBQ of the season – no flies, no rain, just the warm company of our friendly neighbours and deliciously charcoaled Canadian beef.

Saturday was a badminton marathon.  Bishop Lloyd entered 2 singles and three doubles teams in the Lloydminster division badminton competition held at St Mary's elementary school. 

The three Bishop Lloyd teams in their gold medal play off games.
Our 3 doubles teams made it to the gold medal play off game - the boys doubles being triumphant. Congratulations must go to all the players for their sportsmanship and organisational skills. It was also very pleasing to see so much support for all the teams from family and friends. Thanks also go to Brad for organising a long and successful day.

The knowledgeable  crowd appreciate the action.

Sunday we took a trip out to Dillberry Lake Provincial Park. On the way we came across the ubiquitous "Worlds Largest" - another classic:
Suzie the softball says - "Batter Up".
Terrific to see these well maintained elevators.

A spectator of fire hydrants!

Another farmland sentinel. 
Yep, should have bought my bathers (swimming trunks).

I miss my skis.

Great way to finish the day - Largest concentration of Stilt sandpipers.

A big thank you for those of you that identified the picture in last weeks blog as a Wasp's nest. Glad we didn't meet the wasps that made that nest!!


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