Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rockies 2 – Waterton Lakes National Park.

Wednesday 27 April - our second visit to the majestic Rocky Mountains. This time we explored the picturesque Waterton Lakes National Park. Some of our savvy Canadian friends had wondered why we were visiting such a beautiful place in April.
The GPS says turn right?
After confronting these snow covered adventures we also wondered if we were in the right place at the wrong time: 

So we turn right then what?
I think I can wait.

Despite experiencing four seasons in one day we realised Waterton Lakes is filled with picture postcard scenery, friendly wildlife and the deserved status of a World Heritage site:
Local resident of Waterton Lakes

Cameron Falls

Waterton Lake

The town of Waterton lakes

Hanneke making her way back to our hotel - The Prince of Wales.
Time for a quick rant.
Whilst we have only been in Canada a relatively short time we have grown very fond of the Canadian idiosyncrasies. Canadians are amongst the friendliest and politest people on the planet, yet they drive on the wrong side of the road; they live in the second biggest country in the world, yet houses go under the ground for extra room; Canadians have the biggest RV’s (recreational vehicles) and trucks in the world, but only have a number plate on the back; are second to none in their fanaticism for Ice Hockey, postponing political debates for playoffs. Canadians must be the biggest consumers of windshield washer fluid in the universe and with very good reason. It is every Canadians right to go hunting, yet you risk death so as not to run over a snake:

It is not only passenger vehicles that Canadians like to super size, but shopping malls,  packaged foods and cleaning products, roads, car parks and anything that their town may have an affiliation with. 
Just spending a penny

A piggy train?

And this is the largest truck in the world.
But more than anything, the reason we would want to adopt Canada as our permanent second home is the Canadian prairie-dry sense of humour:
 Our doors may be open 24 hours a day but dinosaurs don’t have to use the main entrance.
We will export our dirty, polluting, planet destroying petroleum to our friendly southern neighbour and we will just use a bit of wind

If you are game enough to get to the front door we have a vacancy

I hope they don’t forget to wake up
Danger - Disco Dancing Deer

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