Monday, April 25, 2011

"Bad" to the bone.

Fred Flintstone meets John Wayne.
We are in the "Badlands" of Canada (appropriate scenes for many a western) surrounded by Dinosaurs.

Drumheller, what an amazing place. If the landscape wasn't stunning enough, we are surrounded by 75 million year old fossils and it has to have the world's largest dinosaur..........
"Stop tickling me with that palm tree"
View from a Tyrannosaurus tongue
Ever wondered what the inside of the world's largest dinosaur looks like?

Telemarketers can ring at the most inconvenient moment
On Easter Saturday we had the opportunity to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. We arrived before lunch and they had to escort us out after the 5.00 pm  closing time. The displays were visually awesome.  Most of the fossils were found in and around the Badlands area which added to the experience. We cannot look at a rock now without seeing a fossil in it! 

Just a larger version of mine really.

The amazing museum

To conclude a wonderful day - sunset over the Red Deer River

On Sunday we visited Dinosaur Provincial Park,  south east of Drumheller. Another excellent day. The weather was beautiful, clear and warm. The scenery amazingly eerie - Hoodoos, Coulees, River Valley, Prairies. Different and interesting walking trails and an interpretive centre that helped explain our surroundings. At the end of another long day we really appreciated why this is a World Heritage Site.
Some of the "Badlands".

A hoodoo and friend

More "Badlands"

I suppose this means I have to stay here!
I think we found the Easter bunnies!
I smell an Aussie or two.

And to top it off we even got to "shoot" some wildlife......

I see an Aussie or two.

Easter Monday was again filled with warm, sunny skies and places to match.
Rosedale kept us in suspension as we crossed the historical bridge which linked the coal mine on the north side of the river to the rail  transport on the south side.
Beats paddling.

No wonder the bridge is so tall if this bloke has to get across.

The hamlet of Wayne lived up to its name sake with a hotel and bar, that has been serving thirsty miners since 1913,  straight from the wild west - no wonder this place is called the badlands.
Looks like an early form of meals on wheels!
From the wild west to the sacred east. Drumheller is famous for its Passion Play that is performed every year in July.
From (John) Wayne to Jerusalem in 15 kilometres.
Despite the explanation of how they are formed we have a suspicion that the local Hoodoos may be  fossilised dinosaur droppings.

Hoo doos or Doo doos?

Whilst on the subject of conundrums - we think we may have found the world's largest :
a) Bike Horn
b) Breast pump
c) Babies Rattle
d) Red sucker?

We had a magic Easter in Drumheller and we must make special mention of the wonderful accommodation and delightful owners Giselle and Leonard. Just as Drumheller is more than B&B (Bones and Badlands) our accommodation was so much more than a B&B.
Our happy, hospitable, helpful, healthy, hosts.

And if you are wondering why Hanneke's arm is in a sling. It is those blasted bones again! She fell of her bike and broke her elbow. The good news is the bike is fine.

The even better news is the operation was successful and she should be able to play the piano before the summer holidays.

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