Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snow on our snags

I call this cooking method Fire and Ice
We were warned!!!

I think the cloud was just over the BBQ
After the enjoyment of our first Canadian BBQ we attempted another one.

We did not have to contend with flies or people-eating ants, we did not run out of gas, it was not 40c in the water bottle - what we did have was some uninvited snow.
I have no doubt this will not be the only time I have snow on my snags (sausages). Undaunted, Elaine and Eugene, our neighbours, accepted cooking outside whilst it is snowing as perfectly normal.
At least it was a little more difficult to burn the meat this week.
Any day is good for a Canadian BBQ.

On Sunday we thought we would go for the first bike ride of the season, courtesy of Collin and Becky's excellent bikes.
The day started fine,
Hanneke leads the "Tour de Lloydminster".
We visited the world's largest border posts

 The world's largest sun dial
How do you adjust this for daylight saving?
Maybe the world's largest headless Canadian goose!

 We took in the sights......
I want my skis back.
Dare I take this short cut on Collin's bike?
 but we forgot it is April and Spring, that means...........
I knew we should have taken two skis instead of two wheels!

Are these polystyrene balls or just another type of snow?
 So we settled for a cosy Sunday afternoon by the fire watching the snow out of the window.

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