Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rockies 2 – Crows Nest Pass

Thursday 28 April.
An awe inspiring drive through the historic and scenic pass.
First stop was the town of “Frank” where in 1903 a landslide killed over 90 towns folk and buried some of the coal mining town. The interpretative centre is another outstanding tourist draw card.  The account of the landslide is told through a mixture of personal stories and factual detail. Lucky we arrived early so we kicked ourselves out to find somewhere for a late lunch.
View  over the rock slide

Side of Turtle Mountain - the rest is on the ground.
Following our reflections on the hardships of the early pioneers to the area, our   thoughts were sidetracked by encounters with the World’s biggest Piggy Bank and the World’s largest truck (see yesterday’s post for photos). We ventured into British Columbia to the tourist town of Fernie. 
Spring can be as fickle as service at Walmart and today the service was not flash. Snow flurries, bustling winds and brass monkey temperatures curtailed our outside activities.
We did however brave the elements to view the Lundbreck Falls, a picturesque fishing spot when permits and weather allows.
Just hold that pose a little longer - it is only a light breeze!

Who needs to see Niagara Falls!

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