Saturday, April 30, 2011

A place by any other name!

Tuesday 26 April
We beamed from Drumheller to Vulcan. Vulcan, Alberta, was named in 1913 after the Roman god of fire.

Dr Spock (he with pointy ears and full of logic) finally visited his “home” town in 2010. 

The agricultural town on the prairies has embraced its “Star Trek” fame with a Vulcan tourism and Trek centre that is shaped liked a space station and inside is a Trekkies nirvana. We had great fun finding out how to live long and prosper.  
No Klingons here!
Spot the odd one out!

Despite its considerable claim to fame the town has its priorities firmly in order as indicated by the local high school’s schedule of events:

Following our futuristic sojourn we ventured back in time over 5700 years to a cultural site with world heritage status

The site is one of the largest and best preserved buffalo jumps in the world. The cliffs were once used by the Plains people as a means of sophisticated hunting; driving the bison over the edge.
The interpretative centre was another fascinating place to visit; again we had to be prised out of the place so the staff could go home.

 Little does she know, our armless reader is about to be pooped on from a great height
We either jump now or end up as a McDonalds Bison burger!

The Cliff!


After a memorable drive, taking in the grand vista of the prairies, and the awesome splendour of the Rockies we reached our home for the next five days:
Rockies revisted
102 now.

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