Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rocky 2 - Pincher Creek and Home

Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1.

World's largest Pinchers??

Most of the rural Canadian towns we have visited take great pride in their community. Some decorate street signs with a significant feature of the area, some have murals depicting local or historic scenes and some have an icon or mascot that represents their town. Pincher Creek, a neat, well serviced town has all three.
One of the Pincher Creek murals
Which way to the rodeo?
Pincher Creek - in the shadow of the Rockies.

As we found out, spring is a transition time for the weather. Consequently the area is preparing for the summer visitors: fishing, hiking, quad biking, sight seeing and saying good bye to the winter activities: downhill and cross country skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling. Despite the weather we were able to view some of the beautiful lakes, creeks and mountains with a green and white hue.
Castle Mountain - ready for hibernation

The drive home, although long, was studded with the wonderful Canadian-flag-red barns on many of the farms/ranches. The Mountain scenery gave way to the endless horizon of the prairies and finally the undulating curves of central Alberta. Some of the fields (paddocks)  were being ploughed, many were just enjoying the freedom from the five month blanket of snow. The roads were straight, wide enough and very quiet.
We have seen some big things on our travels, and although we haven't seen one yet, Canadians must have the largest  bladders in the world. We struggled to find any public wash rooms (that were open) on the roads or in towns along the way. And as Canadians know, there are not too many trees on the Prairies. We did check out some gas stations but they have to make a living and you have to purchase something to use the facilities  - so with tax, a tip and visa card service fee one ends up spending more than a penny.

As previously mentioned, we did enjoy driving through the towns and checking out the local 'mascots' :

Vauxhall -  Potato capital of the West (and home to the baseball academy - the Jets)
I think the tree could be in trouble!

Lethbridge High Level Bridge -  longest-highest steel, trestle bridge in the world.

And finally we arrived home to see something we had not seen since we arrived in Canada -
Collin and Becky's garden.

PS - To all Canadians- Happy Voting.

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