Sunday, May 15, 2011

A week to be blown away.

When the wind blows. All week we have put up with more easterlies than Eva Longoria's hairdryer. But is hasn't been an entirely ill wind, it did blow our daughter, Jodie, over from the UK for her first visit to Canada.

Jodie has found a friend in Canada already.
And another awesome friend.
world's largest Elk paper weight.

"Dad, this is how you burn the snags"

Naturally we had to visit West Edmonton Mall and see the world's largest indoor amusement park, including the world's largest indoor tower ride. 
Look out above!
Look out below!

On Saturday Lois, a former Canadian exchangee, kindly organised a visit to a Hutterite colony in Warburg. We stopped off at Stony Plain to view the many murals around the town and visit the historic and very interesting Multicultural Heritage Centre.
Lunch at Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre - home made soup, bread and pumpkin pie - yum oh!

Our kind Hutterite tour guides.

 We were blown away by the friendliness, generosity, devotion and work ethic of these devout Christians.
A huge thank you also to Lois, David, Carolyn and Francis for their wonderful hospitality.

Naturally any visit to Edmonton would not be complete without a visit to the special "Elk Island National Park" to watch the bison play soccer, another delicious home made lunch and a wildlife walk.
Canadian soccer team in training.

No Bears picnic.

Sasquatch must be here somewhere!
And finally Hanneke was blown away by the thoughtfulness of the Bishop Lloyd staff who generously sent her a get well basket full of goodies.
How am I going to eat all this with one arm?

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