Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ladies of the Lake.

A Canadian cultural icon - the Cabin by the Lake.
Canadians have many icons; the Maple Leaf, the Mountie, Hockey, the Moose, the Rockies, the Beaver but one cultural icon which will live long in our memory is the "Cabin by the Lake". I cannot find an official number of lakes in Canada but there are reputedly 100 000 lakes in Manitoba alone. (Over 9% of Canada is covered by fresh water.). There may even be more lakes than Tim Horton outlets - although that has not been officially confirmed. 
Not every lake has accommodation on its shores, but many of the lakes we have encountered have dozens of cabins (or chalets, houses, trailers, shacks, huts, two storey mansions).
Hanneke and Jodie were fortunate enough to visit a cabin by a lake courtesy of our wonderfully friendly neighbours, Eugene and Elaine.

Chitek Lake is about 21/2 hours North East of Lloydminster.
The ladies successfully navigated their way to this delightful spot for an overnight adventure on the lake front.

Typical cabin by the lake activity - looking for pirates.

It was obvious, after just two short days  why so many Canadians love this form of relaxing and recreational escape.

And with so many lakes, types of accommodation and activities to chose from we could be visiting a cabin by the lake every day for the rest of our lives and still not leave Saskatchewan. 

Elaine and Jodie waiting for Excalibur.

The ladies patiently waiting for table service.
Tight rope walking squirrel has some incentive for success.

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