Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moms the word on a glorious day.

Sunday 8 May - naturally we should treat Mums as special everyday but in case we forget Mother's Day is there to remind us.

What a glorious day - sun shining, only two layers of clothing and a visit to Vermilion Provincial Park which was the scene of our snow shoe adventure. How things change....
Vermilion Station - Spring
Vermilion Station - Winter

And we look forward to seeing how the scene changes in summer and Fall.

Without the hindrance of snow shoes we were able to really appreciate the provincial park. Every park we have visited has had excellent facilities, Vermilion Provincial Park is no exception: Sporting fields; camping; hiking paths; horse-, cross country skiing-, and bike trails; picnic tables; benches to enjoy the view of the beautiful river and ox-bow lake.  In addition huts where you can warm up (wood supplied) or keep out of the rain/sun.  All this on a wonderful day and we virtually had the nearly 760 hectares to ourselves.

Whilst we were wandering around we had a deja vu moment - I thought I saw a Kangaroo!!
Ear, Ear, what's this?
Big ears, brown coat, ready pose.


Mind you the size should have given it away. It was in fact a Snow Shoe Hare.

If I can just remember where I put my nuts.

 Saturday afternoon/evening we enjoyed a very special visit to Judy and David's farm. The cattle property, just outside Lloyminster gave us an excellent opportunity to see a working farm, in addition to benefiting from David's extensive knowledge of the oil industry, Judy's wonderful hospitality and a tour around the maze of rural backblocks that only locals can share. We had a wonderful time and a real taste of Canadian friendliness and hospitality.
A 57 with attitude!

Lloydminster's rolling hills
Hanneke's elbow was also seen to last week - all good, just a few more weeks in the sling - then the physio starts.
During the visit to the Doctor we managed to sight the world's largest Buffalo Statue, an amazing piece of artwork in Camrose and a lifesize wooden pump jack.
I am not clearing up after this big fella's been.
A bear, dog, person and tree - all from scrap metal - amazing.
In praise of the good oil.

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