Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rocky 3 - Jasper here we come.

May Long Weekend - chance to catch up with the eagerly anticipated visit to Jasper.
Those in the know had suggested we would really enjoy this part of the world -  our first glimpse did not disappoint.
The top of the mountains matched my knuckles - especially with Jodie as a back seat driver!

Talk about Grizzly motorists
Once we arrived in Jasper we checked out the Jasper Tramway to get an overview of the area. The view from  the cable car and top of Whistlers Mountain was amazing. We were surrounded by an Alpine environment with views to the other peaks and valley below.
I'm glad we didn't have to walk.

Guess where this is going Dad?

Another cheesy photo!

Spraggs atop Whistlers Mountain  (2277 meters).
We finished off the day with a beverage or two and a wonderful walk around Pyramid Lake.
Product placement - I am  hoping for endorsement by Molsons.
Sunset over Pyramid Lake - with beauty spot!

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