Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rocky 3 - Maligne Canyon/Maligne Lake.

Quote of the day - "I think we have just won the lottery".
We had just been amazed by Maligne Canyon - with its thundering, powerful water gushing through the narrowest of canyons..

Handy place to do your washing!

We had taken a hike along the river to view the five bridges.

Bridge 3

The much Maligned Canyon

Bridge 5 in the distance.

And we were on our way to see the picturesque, if somewhat frozen Maligne Lake

 No cruises on Lake Maligne yet, they might interfere with the ice fishing!

When we had the best view of the day......................

"A Black Bear and her three cubs" -  the Movie   (Some of us could bearly contain ourselves!)

"A Black Bear and her three cubs 2" -  the sequel, scary!.
And to finish off a great day - we had a delicious celebratory meal at the Olive Bistro and lounge and would you believe it - Jodie won $100 on a scatchie.
Just another one of those outstanding days in the Rockies.................
Jasper - the pot-belly bear. 

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