Sunday, June 5, 2011

A "Bonanza" of a time

Wow, 'chuck'  this out.

They call it "Half a Mile of Hell".

Our first Chuckwagon race meeting and it was a real experience.
The lovely Lea Park girls show their patriotism

And they're off - we hope.

A photo finish - and I still did my dough.

Not only were the races exciting to watch -  all the helter and skelter at the start then the mad clattering dash to the finish - but the entertainment before and during the races was worth the admission price alone.
Before the races started the Graham Sisters -  trick riders -  showed  female Canadian horse riders can be the equal or better than any male rider. And they train the horses themselves.
When they are not riding horses one sister is a teacher the other a nurse!!
I hope the horse didn't have curry for dinner!

Do not  try this at home.

Just to add even more excitement to the night the Dewberry crowd were treated to the Professional Freestyle Motocross riders. As with the Graham sisters on their horses what these boys did on their bikes defied gravity and common sense.
or this!


A great evening made even more special by the fact that the community of Dewberry, who helped organise the event, has a population of less than 220 people.
The original - World's largest chuckwagon.


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