Sunday, June 26, 2011

Warm Friends and Cool Heritage

What an inspirational week.

First we were fortunate to catch up with a friend from Perth - Terry Bolland.
Terry's exploits make Bear Grylls look like an amateur.
Terry has kayaked many of the  major rivers in North America, as well as biking, hiking and kayaking 24000 kilometres around Australia. He is currently on another 5000 kilometre adventure across Canada from the head of the North Saskatchewan river in the Rockies to Montreal (or further if the conditions are good). And if that wasn't inspirational enough, Terry recently celebrated his 60th birthday.
You can follow Terry's adventures on his blog:
Terry across Canada   or his website  Canoeing Down Under

Not only has Terry got another 4500 klms to go - but he had to drag his kayak and gear 1/2 kilometre to the river, as this is as close as we could get without getting bogged!

Glad I only had to drive the car and not the kayak.
Friday we spent a wonderful evening at Jim and Joanne's cabin by the lake (Sandy Beach). As usual the Canadian hospitality was exceptional; delicious food, ice cold beer and warm company. We are certainly inspired to buy our own cabin by the lake when our lottery numbers come up.
The Lovely Ladies Laughing by the Lake.

and the Languid Lads Looking at the Lake

For more inspiration from the past we ventured back to North Battleford to check out the Western Development Museum. We were not disappointed. The exhibits and outdoor heritage village brought Saskatchewan's past to life. Again we are in awe of how people in the past carved out a livelihood and ultimately thrived to build this  prosperous province.

Everything you need in a heritage village.

Yes, people are dieing to ride in this!
How does it check your emails and take photos?

There is always one in every class!

I will do anything to avoid buying a ticket.
Another classic Canadian barn.

Ukrainian Pioneer Home
A hair raising experience using this.
Coming to a Walmart near you

And to conclude our inspirational weekend we finally  encountered the world's largest tomahawk

OK - who threw their tomahawk at my tepee?

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