Sunday, June 19, 2011

A kick in the Butte

The best and worst of Canadian culture!!
The cup certainly runneth over.
We knew Canadians were passionate about their Hockey but this was totally out of character from our experience.

 I think a true reflection of the Canadian spirit, we have experienced in our time here,  was demonstrated the day after the riots -  Strong, spontaneous local support for the police and a desire to show that Canadian communities are constructive not destructive.

Vancouver residents place messages of support on a police car following the riot after the Canucks Stanley cup defeat by the Boston Bruins. (Photo courtesy of Global BC).

It isn't just Hockey that has some Canadians upset. At present the postal workers have been locked out, Air Canada may have just averted a significant strike and  Health workers as well as Saskatchewan teachers are in the midst of  industrial unrest.
I think it must be something in the summer air - such as the Tornado warning we had this week - and silly me thought the dangerous weather had passed until after the holidays!!!!!!!

As previously discovered, many rural communities really value their history and we had the pleasure of visiting another wonderful local museum in Frenchman Butte.
Despite less than 100 inhabitants the museum and tearoom provided a delightful and interesting afternoon immersed in the past.

The school house - A naughty girl with Gertie our  Museum guru.

Typical one room school - desks for grade ones to grade twelve!
And what a way to finish a hard afternoon museuming  -  a delicious afternoon tea.

Check out the link below to see what you missed at this unique museum.

A summer days over the North Saskatchewan River - thankfully not a tornado in site.

One wonders what kicks will be in stall for next week?

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