Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prairie Pearls in Oceans of Wheat

A few loaves of bread here!!
What a wonderful time to visit Prairie country. Endless skies, fields of different hues and unique, treasured places dotted amidst the far horizons.

We took a quick trip to Moose Jaw and drive round the fields of south west Saskatchewan.

We encountered the world's largest coffee pot:

Now just the cream and sugar.

Investigated the tunnels of Moose Jaw:
Chinese laundry under the main street.
Marvelled at Moose Jaw's murals:
Celebrating prohibition

This is how it is done.

Searched for Corner Gas: (Corner Gas : Link)
Brent and Lacey

Where has it gone?

Looked at the weird and wonderful: 
A monster moose!
What else would you expect to see in the heart of Prairie Country?
Little church on the Prairie

A town by any other name.....

and to top off a magic weekend we watched a series of horizon filling thunderstorms that looked like a Pink Floyd concert.
The prairies at this time of the year really do fill the senses.

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