Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alaska/Yukon - Golden memories (3)

Dawson City to Haines Junction - Tuesday August 2 – Friday 5. 
Four days of amazing travelling through some of the most stunning scenery. Snow capped mountains further than the eyes could see; Endangered wildlife (Caribou and trumpeter swans); water in every shape, size and form; dirt, gravelled, potholed, frost heaved and bitumen roads and endless picture postcard views.
40 Mile Caribou
View from the "Top of the World" highway.

I hope the residents enjoy each others company!

We gave a tick (check) to Tok as a place to stop!

Hanneke looking for a Tim Hortons.

One of the many beautiful lake views.

Who couldn't help but admire the view!

Kluane Lake  - The Yukon's longest lake.

More snow capped mountains!

Rain!!!! Now we know why North Americans use motorhomes when they go camping.
And another reason!

And even more snow capped mountains.

And the sun finally sets - 11.30 pm.

And to top it all off we saw our first Moose. A mother and calf at the side of the road. Unfortunately the noise of our hole riddled muffler scared these huge animals so Mum went back for baby and took her a safer route.
Why did the Moose cross the road?

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  1. Hi Mike and Hanneke,

    Hope you are having a great time...I am looking after your landcruiser! I have been following your blog silently and am envious of the beautiful places you are visiting! Take care and look forward to seeing you back in Harvey