Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to BC – Northern Rockies

Watson Lake to Fort St John:
Another wonderful few days travelling – when in the Rockies it is said you can experience a range of contrasts (especially the weather)  in a matter of a few short hours -  we certainly did:
We experienced HOT:
Liard Hot Springs -  now I know what a tea bag feels like!
 We experienced FREEZING
Glacier fed Muncho Lake - Now I know what a frozen chicken feels like.
 We experienced relaxed driving
This could drive you round the bend!
We experienced not so relaxed driving
This did drive us round the bend.
We experienced fat
How many Bison burgers in this chap?
 We experienced thin
"I met Jenny Craig".

Luxury camping by the Lake
More modest accommodation sites

Not so scary


Jaw dropping scenery
"Gob-smacking" scenery

Incorrect road usage

Correct use of the hoof path

What now?

Just take the plunge


Make your own mind up!

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