Monday, August 22, 2011

A peaceful, "big" trek home

Looking for home - Charlie Lake, Fort St John.
Fort St John - Lloydminster
Dawson Creek - Mile "O"

2237 kilometres long and we didn't see a single parking meter.
Who's he calling grizzly?

After finally passing through Mile "O" of the Alaska Highway the homeward bound leg of our holiday saw us travel through the scenic and historic Peace River country, along the "Grizzly Trail" and finally the northern lakes area.

Sunset over  Peace river

Looking north over  Peace river
The town of Peace River

This is "Lesser Slave Lake" - imagine how big 'Not so Lesser' Slave Lake is.
 Again we encountered some beautiful scenery and the occasional wildlife. This time of year many of the fields are a sea of green and yellow - although some of the canola, wheat and other crops has already been harvested.
Rolling Hills!

Inspecting the crop.
As with many of the rural communities around Lloyd, most of the hamlets, villages and towns we passed through take considerable pride in their communities; clean, tidy, proud of their past and hopeful for the future.
Naturally being in Alberta we had the opportunity to see some of the world's LARGEST things and a few significant icons.
Longest suspension bridge in Alberta - Dunvegan

Another adventure, another time.
A big bull rider - looks pretty 'armless'.

12 foot Davis - a Peace River legend.
The World's largest Bee in Canada's honey capital - Fahler
Imagine trying to ref this fight!!

Holding up the World's largest wagon wheel and pick axe.

Is this a male or female heron?

World's largest weather vane with a tractor on top.

A few bowls of soup here.
Anything magic about these?

Peter Fidler - legendary map maker

We were nearly blessed on from a great height.

We also encountered some more unworldly images....................

UFO landing pad - St Paul

Good to read everyone is welcome in  St Paul

We even found somewhere over the rainbow

Scotty trying to beam us up!

An early version of the RV.            On our next trip I'm taking one of these Cat trains.

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