Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yukon/Alaska - Golden Memories (2)

Dawson City - Monday August 1
On the way to hopefully sunny Dawson City.
A small, old wooden building built in 1898 selling Latte’s and providing WiFi  is typical of Dawson City. Many of the buildings in town were built during the Klondike goldrush  era – some have been restored, some are looking their age. The town’s character is further enhanced by the board walks and dusty/muddy roads.

A place for sinners!
and a place for redemption

Features of our time in Dawson we particularly enjoyed were the views from the Bluff and Midnight Dome, the humongous Dredge No. 4 and the free ferry ride from our camp site to the town.
Dawson City and the Yukon River.

Engineer Hanneke learning how to drive Dredge No. 4

Hanneke Driving Dredge No. 4
Dredge No. 4 looking for gold!

A free ferry ride - guess how many times we crossed the Yukon?

 A somewhat poignant  reminder of the past was the ‘Paddle Wheel graveyard’ we found near our camp site. Seven of the former hard working sternwheelers were lying wrecked in the bush along the Yukon River. All built around 1890’s, these neglected,  abandoned, rotting  workhorses proved a stark reminder of the remoteness, harshness but glorious past of the area.

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