Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alaska/Yukon - Golden memories 1.

Skagway to Whitehorse Thursday 28 July - Sunday 31 July.
Just when we thought it couldn't get any better we hit Alaska and the Yukon.
Skagway is a gold rush style tourist town with many of the original buildings from the 1890's, including the boardwalk. The town is as busy with tourists today as it was over a 100 years ago with stampeders. We avoided the crowds by camping out at Dyea flats, a picturesque estuary ideal for encountering wildlife.Whilst we were there we were fortunate to see the pink salmon spawning. We also watched a Grizzly bear doing what Grizzly bears do, near the creek, and Bald Eagles galore.
Skagway taxis

Cruise ship coming down the main street of Skagway

Starting the trail to gold.

The only remains of a town of 10000 gold seekers!


Awaiting the right moment to make baby salmon.

How the other half travel.

The drive from Skegway to Carcross, on the South Klondike highway was spectacular. The mountain passes and landscape were breathtaking with a mixture of alpine vegetation, crystal clear lakes and temperate rainforest. Apart from a scare with a smokey car, the drive to Whitehorse is one of the many highlights of the trip so far.
Awesome highway

looking back to Alaska

We even found a beach.

Emerald Lake

Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon, was another unexpected highlight - a blend of old and new. We were able to deal with domestic duties, hike a historical canyon, viewed the world's largest fishladder, took a picturesque walk around the river and learnt about Beringia during the last ice-age.
Miles Canyon

OK - Where are the shops!

Mike Hike.

Typical Whitehorse skyscrapers

Hanneke demonstrating her dental skills.

The world's biggest fish ladder

Who would want to be a Salmon?

Camping in Canada has been an enjoyable experience so far. Long days, great tent sites and an occasional bear wandering past your tent.


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