Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inside the Inside Passage

Port Hardy to Skagway (Monday 25 July - Thursday 28 July)
For those in the know this is one of the most beautiful ferry trips imaginable.
Three days gently (thank goodness) cruising amongst the channels and Islands of the British Columbia/Alaska coast.
All aboard - next stop - Prince Rupert

Waterfalls and fires can mesmerize the viewer -  the same process but different fascinating patterns all the time. The cruise up the coast was the same. We never became bored or tired of looking at the rainforests, the snow capped mountains, waterfalls, wildlife (including humpback whales), coastal settlements, lighthouses, iceberg, flotsam and jetsam and just the patterns on the ocean. 
Kate Winslett!

Micky Mouse of a cruise!

Bella Bella lighthouse

Longing for dry land!

Open sesame
We made a brief overnight stop at Prince Rupert. The Port city has 145 days without rain, how unlikely were we picking one of the 220 days with rain.  Consequently our hike through the rainforest was rather wet. We stepped off the boat at Petersburg our first steps on American soil. Again it was pouring with rain so we didn’t make too many steps.
Aussie Blue Riding Hood

Despite the mist, clouds and constant rain the sea trip was amazingly awesome, accentuated by the fact the man from down under didn’t chunder once.
We hope the life rafts don't float upside down!
I hope they remember to close both sides!

Spot the whale!

Visions of the Titanic again.
And at the end of our memorable floating voyage - Alaska here we come.
We hope not!!

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