Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A gorgeous gift girt by sea.

Vancouver Island : 16 - 23 July
I am sure we have all met someone who just appears talented at everything.

(Ric Charlesworth, a Western Australian legend, is one such person; Ric is a doctor of medicine, a former captain of the Australian Hockey Team, the State Hockey Team and the State Cricket Team. He was also in Federal parliament for 10 years , National Coach of the Australian Women's Hockey Team, a high performance consultant and mentor coach at the Australian Institute of Sport). 

Vancouver Island falls in the chronic achiever category. You could spend everyday for a year doing or seeing something different on the island and still feel like you have just arrived. We experienced snow capped mountains,  deep blue lakes,  pristine streams and rivers, thundering waterfalls, reputedly Canada's best beach,  islands lush with vegetation, rugged coastline, a raging Pacific ocean and a placid Georgia straights, luxuriant rainforest with towering firs, glimpses of wildlife including majestic bald eagles and black bears, quaint sea-side  villages, bustling towns with community fairs, amazing murals, creative wooden sculptures, floating homes,  packed marinas, isolated picnic spots, spectacular gardens and we were only on the island for seven days. 
If we would have had more time we could have exhausted ourselves doing every ",ing" imaginable including; swimming, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, backpacking, horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing,  walking, gourmet eating, canoeing, camping, drinking. 
As with even the most talented people, there is a flaw - while we were on the Island the weather was a little cool and damp. However the last fews days we had a hint of what could be the start of a glorious summer.
We must say a huge thank you to our wonderful friends and hosts Pam and Steve who looked after us so well and showed us a tantalising slice of what the Island has to offer.
If the next four weeks are half as much fun as the week on Vancouver Island we will need a holiday at the end to recover. 

Getting to and from the Island:

Waiting to board the ferry and for sunny skys.

Ships passing in the straights

This is how you leave the Island.

 Check out the next few posts to see what we found the Island has to offer.............................

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