Saturday, July 23, 2011

A second glance

Vancouver - July 14 & 15
Dwarfed by Mountains, flanked by rainforest and soothed by the sea, Vancouver cannot help but be a stunning city. Our impressions, after another short stay, is that the environment creates a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere that is not dampened by the re-occurring moisture.
We took a quick cultural and environmental snap shot of this west coast city, hoping a third, more sustained visit will be possible in the future:
A reflection of old and new

The Art Gallery - a surreal experience.

A large blue rain drop - even more surreal.

No old flames here! The 2010  Olympic cauldron.

City skyline from the ferry.

Entry to China town.

The beautiful and serene Sun Yat Sen gardens.

Four equally content but not as beautiful diners.

Hanneke suitably dressed to view the Steam clock.

Hanneke suitably perplexed by this Lenin (with Mao on top) sculpture.

Hanneke suitably wobbly on the Capilano bridge.

More people suitably wobbly on this amazing structure.

Stunning view of the rainforest

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