Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rockies IV - Jasper

Monday 11 July - Laking around
Pirates ahoy

A pity my paddling is not as good as my posing!

Started the day with a paddle (of sorts!) around Pyramid lake. Serenity, views, contemplation - what a wonderful start to the day - only thing missing was a latte in the canoe.
We all then went for an energetic hike around Patricia Lake and Cotton wood slough. We missed seeing a beaver or a moose, that may have had something to do with the noise we were making.

More expert posing on Patricia Lake.

Is that a beaver or a moose over there?
Not content with one piece of exercise for the day - we ventured out to Lake Edith and the Jasper Park Lodge.
How big are beavers again?

"Just finish taking the photo and order some drinks!"

Whilst in the lodge, Hanneke again found some more interesting and intelligent company than she had been walking around with.
"Stop I haven't had my hair done!"
To round off another magic day, we returned to Pyramid lake for a romantic evening stroll.
The beautiful Pyramid Lake by moonlight.

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