Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rockies IV - Icefields Parkway

Friday 8 July
The Icefields Parkway from Canmore to Jasper must be one of the most difficult and  dangerous drives in the world; not because of the condition of the road or the traffic, but because it is so difficult to keep your eyes on the road. Every turn has a stunning view of a river, stream, mountain, water fall, lake, snow capped peak, glacier and then there is the wildlife!!
Lake Peyto
Weeping wall

Keep your eyes on the road.

Nigel's waterfall

What on paper looks like a quick 230 kilometres, could take days if you stopped every time there was a photo opportunity. And we had to stop at the Columbia Icefield for even more adventure.
Edge of the Athabasca Glacier
 Unfortunately the weather was a little wet and windy but we had a true Canadian experience - it started to snow! - Yes, we are on summer holidays and we should have brought our snow shoes. This trip is certainly a learning experience for us.
Seeing the funny side of the weather

Our first bear sighting of the holidays

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