Monday, September 5, 2011

We're Hooked
Labour Day Weekend - Buffalo Narrows.
If this is a  typical Canadian Labour Day long weekend in Northern Saskatchewan then we are caught, hook, line and sinker. 

We are certainly glad our wonderfully thoughtful neighbours Brad and Michelle kindly invited us on their long weekend visit to their northern family.
The adventure started on our Friday evening road trip north where we encountered 5 Saskatchewan bears, one which was a tad too friendly.
Photo courtesy Amy O

We then spent the next three days in, on and around the huge Churchill and Peter Pond Lakes.
The expansive Churchill Lake with  Buffalo Narrows townsite in the distance.
Channel joining Churchill and Peter Pond Lakes.

If we weren't fishing for the elusive Jack Fish (Northern Pike):
"No I'm not going to kiss it!"
"If this rod doesn't work, I'm trying one of those"

We were mucking around in boats:
Wilson, (our lifesaving canine)  checking the boats are lake worthy.
Jackie, explaining to the ladies, where the emergency exits are on the "party boat"

'Last one home washes up'

 Or eating wonderfully cooked meals:
Just find a beach, light a fire and you have lunch.

Or strolling down endless beaches:
Sunset over Buffalo Beach and Peter Pond Lake.
Or watching - the amazing Northern Lights; Buffalo Narrows scenery; the victorious Rough Riders (Saskatchewan's Canadian Football League team); the adventurous ones tubing round the lake.

And then to conclude a memorable three days, we were flown home by Buffalo Narrows own airline, courtesy of Jackie and Marty.  
(We were flown home because we couldn't fit in the car any more after all the wonderful food we had eaten over the past three days).

A patchwork of nature.

Farmers patchwork.

This weekend we experienced hospitality brighter than the northern lights, generosity deeper than the lakes we fished on and friendship warmer than the beautiful three days of sunshine. A huge thank you to Marty, Jackie, Brad, Michelle, Amy, Stephen, Jaycee, Nick, Vanessa and not forgetting Jet, Wilson and Cessna.

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