Thursday, September 29, 2011

Green Eyed over Rider Pride

Fun and games before the main event.
To say the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Canadian Football League (CFL) team is well supported is an absolute understatement.

We had the privilege of attending one of their games at Mosaic stadium/Taylor Field  in Regina and the spectacle was awesome.
Before the game

After the game
During the game
We experienced  a sea of green and white,  tailgate BBQ's, a huge  party atmosphere and level of visible support that is as big as the province.
Here they come.....

Spot the ball

The game itself was rather one sided, the Roughriders were mauled by the BC Lions to the tune of 37 points. In fact, I think the green clad cheerleaders were on the field longer than the Rider offensive team.
And we are supposed to concentrate on the game!

Despite the result the Riderville day was a true experience with  fanatical fans, fireworks and beautiful warm sunshine. We walked away from the stadium amid a green wave of disappointed but passionate fans, wondering what it would have been like had the Roughriders won.
Roughrider fan or Dame Edna Everidge fan?
A huge thank you to Ryan Sklapsky who kindly provided the tickets and plethora of Rider supporters gear. We would have looked like a tick on a polar bear without the green outfits, so it was great being part
 of the Rider Nation.
Here's hoping Saskatchewan make the playoffs and eventually win the Grey Cup as I am sure the province will be partying long after we have gone.

Typical Roughrider fans

Not so typical Roughrider fans

The life of a mascot

Always time for the fans

The weekend was not only memorable for the football but also for the glorious autumn (fall) scenery and weather. We had a quick look round Regina, espeically the picturesque Wascana park and stopped off in Saskatoon on the way home. Both cities make the most of their striking rivers and lakes with the autumn colours accentuating their beauty.
This is a glorious time of the year and a fitting encore to summer before the white season.

Saskatchewan Legislative building - Regina
Traffic light trees
Duck hunting - Canadian style

Mounties maintaining democracy

A colourful memorial for slain police and peace officers

South Saskatchewan river - Saskatoon.
Wascana Lake - Regina.

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