Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who's that knocking on the door?

Is this a Trick or Treat?
Some locals thought we might make it to Halloween before the first knock of winter. We almost made it. Apparently the trick this early in the season is not to use a shovel but let the snow melt.The treat is that we might have the opportunity of using snow shoes and skies before we leave.

The Trick or Treat season is well under way.  Halloween in North America is second only to Christmas in retail sales of trimming paraphernalia and a 1/4 of all 'Candy' sold in the USA, in a year, is bought during Halloween.

The locals have certainly done their share to celebrate this superstitious festival.

And when in Rome, do as the Canadians do............

 In addition to the preparations for being scared witless on Monday 31 October, the "Fall" season at Bishop Lloyd Middle School has been event full:
  • Muffin Morning
  • Penny Wars
  • Parent/Teacher conferences
  • First School Dance
  • Halloween for Hunger
  • Soccer Season
  • Volleyball Season
  • School photos
  • Intra-murals
  • Home Room 'Thanksgiving" pot luck
  • Report Card preparation
  • Library Week
  • Chocolate Sales fund raising
  • Preparing for "Take Your Child to Work Day"
  • Signing up for Discovery Day                                    
and there has even been some teaching amongst all these extra-curricular events.

Seeing the beautiful white sheet out of our window gives us mixed feelings. It reminds us that winter is almost here. The geese have flown south and we must start thinking of our plans to travel to warmer climes.

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