Friday, November 11, 2011

A week to remember

Just when we thought our memory chips were nearly full, we had to download another week of wonderful sight and sound bites.

Sunday 6 November saw our, soon to be dearly missed neighbours - Michelle, Brad and Amy - take us  moose spotting.
Despite the largest member of the dear family being very allusive, we did see some beautiful picturesque prairie scenery.

Some Moose we didn't  spot on Sunday.

What every well dressed Moose is wearing

Moose Mounty
Another Moose Mounty!

Sometimes it is just not the right place to have your photo taken next to a Moose.
and the tastiest Moose of all.

Monday saw the "Mo's" out in full. The male staff at Bishop Lloyd are taking part in "Movember" and there is some distinguished looking facial hair already. One can only guess what the next few weeks will produce.
Bishop Lloyd Middle Mo's - Team donation

Tuesday we had Larry for dinner - literally. Tracy and Glen very kindly invited us to the Lloydminster "A" listed social event of the season - Lobsters have landed in Lloyd Night. Many delicious 'Larry and Lilly' lobsters were consumed. In addition to the gourmet seafood and salads, the company was warm and welcoming. We even learnt how to deliver a calf with chains and how to remove a still born in utero (fetotomy).
We better eat them before they eat us!


Whilst the hype and commercialism of Halloween was a curious cultural experience, the events surrounding Remembrance Day were defined by the nation’s collective reverence. The Remembrance Day assembly at Bishop Lloyd was full of meaning and acknowledgement. Conducted by students and with the participation of present and veteran armed forces representatives the observance was fittingly sombre and appropriately reverential. All students appeared to recognise the significance and meaning of the speeches, poetry readings, visual and musical interpretations surrounding Remembrance Day.  Admiration to everyone involved in such a respectful and moving event.

The rest of the week we spent checking out a tiny piece of the Eastern side of Canada – Niagara Falls and Toronto.

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