Sunday, November 13, 2011

Niagara Falls

Amazing sights and sounds.

Like most significant natural features in Canada, the sheer majesty of the falls is difficult to capture in pictures. 
Enjoying the view

Horseshoe Falls - Canada's own.

More of natures wonder.
Am I having fun yet?

 The steady sound wave of falling water is a constant reminder of the awesome power being relentlessly unleashed. 
It is the sheer length, rather than the height of the falls that make them so impressive.
America's falls
Illuminated Falls

Who turned the lights on?

A Hershey drop showing off more drips.
The town of Niagara Falls is a spectacle in itself. If you ever tire of gazing at the stunning cascading water there are a myriad of entertainment possibilities. “Las Vegas’ mini-me” may be an apt analogy. Hotels, casinos, amusement arcades, souvenir shops, franchise restaurants and miscellaneous rides, ‘museums’ and spectacles fill the street. 

Sensory overload.
I couldn't believe it!

It may be described as gaudy, but it is irresistible. We spent a few fun filled hours gawking at and taking in the hype.

Another impressive day spent at another iconic Canadian landscape – and still plenty to do if we ever get the chance to come back during the warmer months.

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