Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oot and aboot - Australian style

Having visitors always provides an opportunity to get out and about. We had a wonderful week showing Peter and Suzie the little slice of Canada we currently call home.

"So this is how you BBQ in Canada"

Happy Chappies at the Berry Barn - Saskatoon.

The Alberta Legislative building - not sure if we should stand to the right or left.

We did not have time to see the real thing, but these Grain Elevator Icons look impressive.

Palm Trees in the middle of Alberta

Giving due reverence to our Head of State.

North Saskatchewan River

This building transforms into the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Peter and Suzie  fitted into the Canadian way of life, like Kermit the Frog at a Rough Rider game. They enjoyed the beer, had Tim Hortons everyday, knew who won the fight at the Bobcats hockey game and appreciated poutine as a culinary delight.
It was a wonderful week sharing their company and we hope the rest of their Canadian tour is filled with adventure, excitement, bears, moose and Molsons.

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