Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rocky V - Jasper with the nearly weds.

All rugged up, with plenty of places to go.
Fresh from their European sojourn Peter (our son) and Suzie (soon to be our daughter in-law) graced Canada with their presence. Taking the train from Vancouver we met up with the globe-trotting couple  in Jasper.

As always Jasper and the Rockies were magnificent. We were treated to some kind autumn  weather, including snow, sun and rain . We were able to venture up ice covered mountains, get up close and personal with an ancient glacier and hike through amazing fall colours. Despite the lack of wildlife (apart from a giant squirrel and dragonfly on the way home)  the long weekend was awesome, with an opportunity to re-connect with precious family and treasured environments.

Maligne Canyon
"I'll just sit down so Dad looks taller"
Walking near Mount Edith Cavell
nearly there
"This better be the top!"
The Hills are alive with Happy Hats
Holding up a Glazier
The edge of a glacial cave
"Is it safe to go in here and get out of the snow?"
Autumn colours over Pyramid Lake.
Indignant squirrel having to put up with low flying aircraft and a nut or two.
Worlds largest dragonfly (the one on the pole).

As we drove out of Jasper National Park the oldies were somewhat sombre, wondering when they would next have the opportunity to visit this special part of the world. The youngies were looking forward to the next Tim Hortons and eagerly awaiting the delights of Lloydminster.

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