Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Shoeing for Dummies

What else would you do on a beautiful, if somewhat chilly,  Sunday in Canada than go for a little walk in the bush/country/park.
So when in Canada do as the Canadians do and use snow shoes.
As you can see we Australians can turn our hands (or feet) to anything.
Well these are the photos with us standing upright??

Have I got these on the correct feet?

Looked everywhere around this place and I couldn't get a drink anywhere!

Whoops, forgot to bring my book back!

Who said this snow shoeing is easy??

Needless to say next week we intend to try Cross Country skiing - if we can get the snow shoes off!!!

On the way home the preciously talented film maker and strident producer have a little domestic in the  car - we should have listened to Candie - (see school days post).

And to end January - the latest exchange joke doing the rounds -
What does two foot of snow look like?

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