Sunday, January 16, 2011

A weekend for a little Culture.

 Aside from shovelling snow, the weekend  was an enjoyable mix of the domestic and cultural.

Typical Saturday Morning- some Shopping at our favourite Canadian stores - no not just Tyres, but everything from kitchen sinks to ice hockey sticks.
Superstore - Canadians own - would give Coles and Woolies a run for their money!

An impressive Centre - a range of pictures from a German Count who moved to Saskatchewan for some peace, quiet and nature.

Over 70 years of taxidermy by one man is also featured in the Barr Colony Cultural Centre. An interesting array of Canadian wildlife, well and truly stuffed.
Can you believe it - an ex-Pommie turned Aussie drinking Ukrainian Beer in the middle of Canada?   We live in a small world.

Our wonderfully friendly neighbours invited us to the Ukrainian New Year celebrations. 

A magic evening of Ukrainian music, dancing, food and fun.
The Ukrainian connection in Canada certainly know how to put on a great show - wonderful colour, sounds, smells and warm evening. A great way to spend a Weekend.
Relaxing and enjoyable weekend is over - getting ready for another week at work

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