Sunday, January 30, 2011

School days

In support of Collin Walker and my colleagues at Harvey SHS who will shortly be back in the fray teaching all the little "Ginger Meggs". I will provide a small glimpse of Bishop Lloyd Middle School.

 First the front of the school, as filmed by the talented Mrs Spragg.
(The voice in the background is our friendly Canadian navigator  called Candie (Canadian Driving Information Expert).

I usually walk to school so it is a novelty seeing the school from that angle.

This is Collin's and my classroom. Spacious, well equipped (note the smart board) and a little piece of Australia.
We recently held a book report evening for parents and students. Our grade (year) 9 students prepared illustrated summaries of books they had read. Parents then had the pleasure of viewing the work at the school. It was a very successful night with  most of the parents attending. All credit to the Grade 9 English team and other staff who made the evening such a success.
Attached two examples of the display boards.

As we are all aware January 26th is Australia day. I could not let this important day pass without a little cultural exchange at Bishop Lloyd. Can I just say the Tim Tams went down very well. The carton of "Fosters" for morning tea was not so popular.

A group of Canadian teachers could be called a "family" of teachers. The staff at Bishop Lloyd are really a family. They demonstrate a very positive collegiate ethos, are extremely supportive of each other and are amongst the most  dedicated professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. I have been very fortunate that I have been welcomed so warmly by everyone at the school.
Just as well I will not be there for Christmas - must cost a fortune to buy all your "relatives" presents!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed following your adventures. Think we may have found our Sunday night entertainment.
    Did I mention how lovely and warm it is over here at present??
    Keep up the great work.
    Julie Tiana and Kaylea