Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cross Country Skiing for pleasure!!!!

The first Sunday of February. And what a glorious Sunday at that.
Perfect weather  for some more Cross Country Skiing practice.

We went out Saturday (5/2/2011) to try out this Cross Country Skiing lark.
I think the idea is to stay on your feet and move forward!!!
Well let us just say Hanneke and I will not be representing Australia in Cross Country Skiing at the next winter Olympics.
It was not the venue - Bud Miller Park is a beautiful place to ski around.
It was the not the equipment - recommended by our resident Cross Country Skiing expert - Glen Thompson.
It was not the weather - not too cold, not too wet, not too windy.
Umm, perhaps you have to have a ski on both feet to move!
It was great fun and we have the bruises to prove it.

Look, I can stand up on these things.

It was such fun we went out the following day, Sunday,  to see if we could actually  move with skis on our feet. This time we tried the local golf course.
If you wear a face mask people cannot see who is making a fool of themselves trying to Cross County Ski.

Would you believe it Michael only fell over twice and Hanneke is now in training for the 2018 winter Olympics!!
I know my golf ball is here somewhere.

Only seven more years until that gold medal.

One small step for a Canadian one giant ski for an Australian.

Next hospital threatening adventure - Curling!!

Courtesy of Brad Oleksyn , our wonderful neighbour.

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