Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh what fun it is to ride....

Our prize! Imagine turning up to the airport with this! 
It may have been blowing a little snow and a tad cool but riding a sleigh with a team of Percheron (we think!) horses is terrific. We had the opportunity to be driven around the local countryside as part of the cutter rally for cancer. Not only were we driven around the way it used to be but we had the opportunity to win a cutter to take back to Australia with us. On five stops around the course participants shake 5 dice and the entrant with the highest total score wins the prize. As the saying goes "Unlucky in dice, lucky in love" so naturally we did not win. However that did not stop us having a great time. Congratulations to the organisers and hopefully plenty of money was raised for a worthy cause.
I hope the windshield washers work.

What a two horse power engine looks like.

Another throw of the dice.

The Mercedes Benz of cutters.

Whilst on the subject of travelling we have seen and experienced a variety of modes of transport as witnessed above. Below are some that we are unlikely to see or use when we return to the southern hemisphere.............

It's all down hill from here
How do you steer this thing?

Good job we followed the rules.

Guess who was on bus duty!!!

Skiing on table mountain with the grade 9's. And I was paid for the day!!!!!

You do not argue with the Canadian trucks (Utes).

I only went in the shop for five minutes?

And yes we have had our first "bump" of the campaign. Two young lads slid into the back of the Jeep whilst Hanneke was waiting at the lights. Thankfully she is fine. The car will be in for repairs this week, hopefully ready for the Spring Break. 
When you see these driving conditions it is amazing how Canadians get around on the roads at all.

And for those of you in Australian tired of the hot weather, just be careful what you wish for......
The temperature in Lloyd reached  -44 with the wind chill on Friday morning.

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