Saturday, March 12, 2011

Climb every mountain, ski every dream.

Spring break.
Rocky Mountains.
Spectacular scenery,  sensational skiing and snow capped sight seeing,
Who could ask for more!!!

Saturday 5 March - Lloydminster to Dead Mans Flats (Canmore)

We left Lloyd Saturday morning and arrived in the Rockies late afternoon.

The good news is that if the Canadian Government ever wishes to pay off their national debt all they have to do is place a few speed cameras on Highway 2 and they would raise the money in no time. Canadians appear very law abiding citizens - until it comes to driving! I think at one stage we were over taken by a pensioner in an electric wheel chair (gopher) and we were travelling at 110 klms!!.
I hope that does not include my snoring!!!!

What would you do after 7 hours driving??

The view from our bedroom window - This mountain is called Rocky 5 I think!

What a wonderful place to worship.

Sunday 6 March - Canmore and Kananaskis

Canmore is a very beautiful town. Every thing you need with a stunning backdrop. A fitting entrance to the amazing Rocky Mountains.

After our self-guided tour of the town we ventured south to the village of Kananaskis.  Set in the foothills of the mountains a great place for some cross country skiing and important meetings. Apparently a G8 meeting was held in Kananaskis in the late 80's. George Bush was so impressed with the place  he thankfully decided  not to invade it

Do we ski on the right or left in Canada?
I just hope the bears' alarm clocks are set for daylight saving! Would you want to meet one after reading this?
Monday 7th March - Banff.
The tourist hub of the South Rockies. More Australians here than in Harvey. Even though there is no surf, Banff has so much to see and do.
You just have to go on the Banff Gondola
A Banff local
Australia - over 11,000 Kilometres that way.

A Canadian delicacy - Poutine; chips, gravy and melted cheese. Yum. 

Don't worry Canadians - Macpoutine is on its way.

Imagine this scenery on your doorstep!
Tuesday 8th March - Johnston Canyon
A hearty walk on snow and ice through Johnston canyon to the "Ink Pots" (not the 60's singing group) . Worth every step.

Banff  Springs Hotel - just checking if we left the lights on in our room.

Wednesday 9th March - Lake Louise and Norquay
A scenic drive up the Trans-Canada highway to beautiful Lake Louise. The Lake was frozen so we didn't see the amazing blue colour that tourist brochures suggest. However we did see a cosy  B&B place to stay next time we are here.Almost as impressive as the Banff Springs.
Spot the guy cleaning snow from the roof!

We also had the opportunity for some more cross country skiing around the Fairview Loop.
You just do all the work dear - I will take the photos!

On the way home we stopped off at Norquay ski resort for a spot of night skiing. Great fun.

I hope they have paid the electricity bill - its going to get dark otherwise.

Look out Mr Guay here I come.

Thursday 10 March - Canmore, Calgary, lloydminster
On our way home we had the opportunity to visit an inner city high school in Calgary. Thanks to Richard we were able to have an extensive tour and see how a school with 1200 students from grade 7-12 functions.
Queen Elizabeth High school - Calgary
Quick, they may grab me to do some subbing!!

Friday 11th March - Lashburn
On Friday I had the opportunity to visit another high school. Lashburn High school is a relatively small rural high school catering for grade 7 - 12.(
It is located about 30 minutes east of Lloyd. I was able to spend a very productive and enjoyable day interacting with the students and staff. Thank you to all who made my visit so enjoyable. I can now wear my Lobos tea shirt and toque with pride.
Lashburn High School - minus the snow!!
Saturday 12th March - Cold Lake
A huge thank you to Greig and Gay for organising our Dog Sledding adventure. Exchange teachers were invited to a farm outside Cold Lake (Pierceland) to experience real life dog sledding. Jerry the owner successfully races his dogs and we were honoured to see how he prepares his sled dogs.
The day was magic, despite the cold, with the added bonus of delicious camp coffee, open fire cooked weiners and smoky sausages, marshmallows and great company.
The day was capped off by seeing a Coyote (minus the road runner) and an elk on the way home.
Dog on the tucker box.
Come  on - mush, mush!

Solving the problem of the fuel crisis.

Not a Lassie in sight, just magnificent  pure breed sled dogs.

Sunday 13 March - Lloydminster
Marking essays!!!!!!!!

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