Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time to reflect

 As spring has officially arrived in Canada, it is time to reflect on what we will miss (for a few months anyway) when the warmer weather finally arrives.

The Christmas card  scenery -

The ubiquitous hockey games on any frozen water that can be found - 

and wildlife slowed down by the snow so we can take their photo -

 The good news!! is that the snow will be around (and added to) for a few more weeks yet.

We also reflected on the road signs we are unlikely to see in Australia:

 Hanneke and I reflected that we had mentioned some of our our day time activities on our blog but not what goes on when the sun goes down. So with that in mind we tried a little of the Lloydminster night life. Thanks to Krista we went to the local watering hole, Bo Diddley's,  for a game of "Name that Tune".

A thorn amongst half a dozen roses.

Hanneke, Gemma, Meaghan, Norma and Krista with Christine and Michelle hiding
A good time was had by all.
Despite not winning, our teams' knowledge of 60's, 70's and country tunes was amazing. As was the ladies' dancing ability. And as Shakespeare's Juliet alluded to, a team by any other name!

After recovering from Saturday night's frivolities we reflected that we had not been to  Hanneke's ancestral home for a while - so......
6 people were born during our visit.
What a wonderful rural community. Brought back plenty of memories for Hanneke.
On our travels we have noticed how most rural communities take great pride in their towns. Even the smallest of Hamlets have a place of worship that brings credit to their religion.

Towns also have a distinctive  large icon that highlights their community.

Lloydminster has the Border Markers.

Ernie, 28 years young and still the largest turtle in Canada.

Turtleford has Ernie - a giant turtle that was constructed to commemorate the acquisition of town status.

And Edam has the windmill to celebrate its
historical name.

 Hanneke and I are looking forward to visiting Frenchmen Butte soon!

After reflecting  on the windmill in the middle of Canada we were even more surprised to discover a working  light house in Saskatchewan.
Pirot lighthouse keeping snow mobiles safe from the rocks!
The lights house is situated at the resort town of Cochin - on Jackfish lake. A huge expanse of water that offers boating, fishing - ice, boat and beach, swimming, snowmobiling and solitude.

Come global warming this may be an ocean.

Me and my mates on Jackfish lake.

And on the way home what better place to reflect on ones mortality than the following Saskatchewan hamlet-

 Finally I am sure our thoughts at this time are with the people of Japan.
The devastating events make us pause and reflect -
How would we react in such a situation?
How would we cope with the physical and emotional circumstances?
What can we do to help from our part of the world?

Whilst watching the news coverage with my grade 9 class one of the students made an astute observation - "Where is all the looting?". He was making reference to hurricane Katrina.

For those of you who have not seen these powerful images (courtesy of the New York Times) of before and after the earthquake follow the link:

At times like these our hearts and prayers go out for those whose lives have been changed forever and appreciation of our fortunate situation is magnified.

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