Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just a stones throw from home!

People in Ice  houses do throw stones.

 We have watched hours of Bonspiel, Brier and 'Men with Brooms' footage. They all made curling look ridiculously easy.  So it was with a confident air we ventured onto the ice under the expert tutelage and kind invitation of Meaghan O.
Bambi looks cute and funny when he falls, we just looked funny. Meaghan has curled and won at a national level; she is an absolute gun on the ice with a stone. Trying to teach us how to curl however,  she almost ran out of bullets.

This style would hack anyone off!

Luckily for us Meaghan has as much patience as she does skill and by the end of the session we actually sent a stone up the ice further than we slid. 

Bum up, shoulders square, don't forget to let go!

If only I had let this go from the other end!
A sweeping view of a hogged novice curler.

A style worthy of curling for Australia.
 Despite all the spills. bumps and bruises we had great fun and looking forward to starring in the Australian sequel to the iconic curling movie -   "Men with Brooms" -   "Aussies with Blushes".

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